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CH Kinaelan Cachique at Celtannia


Welsh Kennel Club '11

1st Puppy bitch, Judge Eileen Boak (Bacanti)....

Good bite & pigment. Quite a bit of black in coat at the moment otherwise very mature for 6 months.

Scwt Club of GB Championship '11

1st Minor Puppy Bitch and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.... Judge Iris Connaughton

Lovely bitch, correct bite, dark eye, nice rear angulation. Coat of a rich colour, moved well. I hope she doesn't grow on too much.



Birmingham City' 12

1st Post Graduate Bitch...

Judge Pat Chadwick (Whitevale).

Liked this one very much, pleasing in head, excellent topline

and tail, correct angles both ends, good feet, super soft coat,

moved well.


SCWT Club of GB Champs '12

1st Post Graduate Bitch...

Judge Margret Moller-Sieber (Wheaten Rebel).

Very nice type, excellent head, good substance, great mover.

1st Betty Burgess Stakes... Judge Lynne Carter (Chloeanco).

Nice sized pretty bitch, very promising coat, shading to the

head yet to clear. great pigment and strong muzzle with

good dentition. Straight front and nicely angulated rear.

Well placed shoulder, good topline held on the move.

Midland Counties '12

1st Post Graduate Bitch...

Judge Graham Dowdy (Denzilly).

Lovely expression, dark eye and excellent pigmentation.

Elegant neck and correct shoulder placement, deep chest,

level topline. Excellent tailset and good rear angulation.

Pushed top winners in challenge very hard, will have her day. 

South Wales Kennel Association

Championship Show '13.

Bitch CC & Best of Breed...

Judge: Ms J Dowdy (Denzilly).


Presents a picture of overall balance. Head strong but

still feminine, correct flat skull & well placed ears which she

uses to advantage. One of the best mouths here today with clean,

strong, large white teeth & correct scissor bite. Pigmentation

is excellent all through, correct dark hazel eye, black tight lips,

black nails & a large black nose. Lovely length of neck,

well placed shoulders and firm level topline which she

retains on the moved. Correct tailset & carriage. On the move

she has the required reach and drive in side profile and moved

true fore & aft. Beautiful soft coat, correct wheaten colour and

desired wave. Pleased to award a first CC & in the challenge

she was spot on & her controlled fluent movement

won her BOB over the dog, Congratulations.


Paignton CS '14

1st Limit Bitch...

Judge: Mrs D Bott (Whitevale).

Love this bitch, good head & body, nice & square,

holds topline on the move, coat of great colour & wavy

Midland Counties CS '14

1st Limit bitch & Reserve Bitch CC...

Judge: Gill Ford (Kanjuley). 

Very attractive, well balanced bitch with lovely head and

expression. Well constructed throughout which showed

in her movement as she flowed around the ring. Topped off

with a lovely silky coat with a golden sheen. Would prefer a

little less black in the mask but that’s

being hypercritical, RCC.


Ireland 2014

All Terrier Champ Show

1st Open Bitch (Exc) & Reserve Greenstar ...

Judge Mrs E. Collins (Ireland)

Limerick & District Canine Club All Breed Championship Show.

1st Open bitch (Exc) & GREENSTAR...

Judge: W. Jungblunt (Germany). 

Killarney & District All Breed Championship Show.

1st Open Bitch (Exc) & GREENSTAR...

Judge: Ms M Walsh (Ireland)

Tralee All Breed Champ Sow

1st Open bitch (Exc) & Reserve GREENSTAR....

Judge Gay Dunlap (Glenngay, USA)


SCWT Club CH Show '15

1st Champagne Stakes

Judge John Allen (Swandare)

Super balanced bitch on top form, compact & foursquare,

not exaggerated in any way, good head planes, flat skull,

dark eye, good length of muzzle & excellent scissor bite.

Straight front, good reach of neck & lay of shoulder, level topline,

good tailset. Well off for bone with good muscletone.

Moved with purpose & drive. Coat of good colour with required

fall of wave which shone under the lights.

Put down to the minute; 

   Manchester CH Show'16

1st Open Bitch and Best of Sex

Judge: Joe Ashe

Feminine bitch, correct proportions, straight front, balanced

with good angulation, nice colour & level top line.

Border Union'16

1st Open Bitch and CC & BOB

Judge: Gill Ford (kanjuley)

Super bitch presenting a lovely picture standing and moving.

Balanced throughout with good, head and expression, strong

neck into well laid shoulders giving a straight front. Level topline,

short coupled, good tailset and strong quarters. Well angulated

front and rear. Moved with purpose and drive and all covered

with a lovely coat with great texture and colour.

Pleased to give her CC and BOB


1st Open Bitch and RCC

Judge: Graham Dowdy (Denzilly)

 Another I have judged as a youngster & she has matured into a

super bitch. Dark eye & strong pigmentation. Correct scissor

bite. Excellent reach of neck & shoulder placement.

Straight front, level topline which she held on the move,

tailset bang on. Lovely rear angulation, Coat of good texture with

flowing loose waves. Moved out well. RCC; 


European Dog Show'16

1st Open Bitch (Excellent)

Judge: Ramune Kazlauskaite 

City of Birmingham'16

1st Open Bitch, CC & BOB

Judge: Julie Moyes

My find of the day! She’s super. Lovely head with dark eye

& strong pigment giving kind expression, so balanced & short

coupled making a lovely picture standing, super front,

lovely shoulder placement, level topline, good ribs & rear

angulation. Stunning soft shining coat falling in loose waves,

moving with freedom & an air of self- importance! CC & BOB. Congratulations on her third CC & what a super

way to finish by achieving G3.

Terrier Group 3

Judge Roger Crookes

 A correct size bitch with a good head and well placed ears,

a strong neck and good shoulders, deep in brisket with a

good spring of rib, strong in loin, good tail carriage and short hocks,

a quality jacket not overdone, moved and showed well.


1st Open Bitch and RCC

Judge Jean Wright (Abbeymead)

Mature girl, lovely shape standing square, pretty head with

good bite & ear size, correct length of neck into good shoulders,

held top line on the move, nice depth of chest & bone, moved

around the ring with style;






Celtannia Atlantic Aida

National Terrier '18

1st Minor Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Breed

Judge Jan Thackray (Acetrips)

Very pretty compact little lady. Well balanced throughout with

lovely head and correctly set ears, nice mouth, level topline and good tailset. Moved well intermittently.

It was her personality that won her BPB and BPIB 


1st Minor Puppy Bitch & BPB

Judge Jean Wright (Abbeymead)

7 months old, really pretty baby, lovely size with a feminine head,

stood four square, nice dark eye, neck goes into good shoulders and front. Compact body with good chest depth. Moves well behind.

Blackpool '18

1st Puppy Bitch

Judge Pat Chadwick (Whitevale)

Sister to 1st in Puppy Dog and a feminine version of him. Very like

her mother at this age, super type and coat, pretty head and

expression, nice ears, moved well to win a good class.

Bournemouth '18

1st Puppy Bitch & RBCC

Judge Graham Dowdy (Denzilly)

Took my eye as she entered the ring. Lovely expression, correct scissor

bite. Strong muzzle, well defined stop and small ears. Excellent lay of shoulders, level topline & great tail set. Lovely rear angulation which

showed when moving. Good texture and colour to coat, pushed BCC

winner all the way, a close decision, pleased to award the RCC.

Driffield '18

1st Junior Bitch

Judge Paul Wilkinson

Liked her for size, liked her squareness of shape. Ok in head, good muzzle and under jaw, very good coat texture, nicely made quarters, moved ok but no co operating with her handler very well today.

S.W.K.A '18

1st Junior Bitch

Judge Anthony Brooks (Loofahsa)

This was a nicely balanced bitch, with a good head and small well set ears. Good neck and shoulder placement, level topline, low hocks, well carried tail.

Lovely coat colour and texture. Moved and showed very well.

SCWT Club of GB CH Show '18

1st Junior Bitch

Judge Jo Dowdy (Denzilly)

Presents a super outline with an alert terrier expression. Excellent for size, lovely head properties and correct dentition. Small well set ears used to advantage.Very good lay back of shoulders, topline and tailset. Short coupled and compact. Soft coat developing very nicely for her age. Strong hind quarters are evidenced by her movement.

Midland Counties' 18

1st Junior Bitch

Judge Eileen Boak (Bacanti)

Strong but feminine head. Good colour. Moderate in type with no exaggerations. Very promising.

Manchester' 19

1st Junior Bitch & RCC

Judge Roberta Wright

Such an attractive 16 month old who was so together both standing and on the move, loved her overall balance, feminine expression and excellent coat. She had a good lay of shoulder, level topline and well set tail, well angulated quarters and moved out with drive. 

Crufts' 19

1st Junior Bitch 

Judge Tom Johnston

Good skull, stop and muzzle, dark eye and neat ears. Balanced body and holds a good topline. Good action but needs more time to complete the picture. Like her balance and overall quality.

National Terrier '19

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Judge Liz Cartledge

Very nice bitch, sired by RCC dog, out of today's CC bitch, so has much

to like, feminine head, expressive eyes, clean neckline, showed with style,

easy mover, well well handled.

Birmingham National '19

1st Post Graduate Bitch & RCC

Judge Carole Barnes-Davies

Good for size and well balanced. Lovely feminine head, good eye

and pigment. Nice coat with colour and wave coming. Level topline and

well set tail. Good angulation and moved out very well. Handled perfectly. Seriously considered for CC but her mother just had the edge today.

She will get there.

Bath '19

1st Post Graduate Bitch 

Judge Stuart Plane

A very well balanced bitch of good type and size, free on the move and

maintained her outline, lovely coat of good texture.

Border Union '19

1st Post Graduate Bitch 

Judge Margret Moller-Sieber (Wheate Rebel)

Nearly 2 years old, impressive showgirl, excellent breed type, shown in excellent condition, feminine head, excellent angulated body, excellent topline and tail set, excellent coat texture and colour, moves very well, very well presented.

East of England '19

1st Limit Bitch 

Judge Denise Bott (Whitevale)



CH Celtannia Atlantic Gold

National Terrier '18

1st Minor Puppy Dog

Judge Jan Thackray (Acetrips)

Well handled and well schooled for his age.

Square outline, good head with flat skull, good mouth

with excellent big teeth and scissor bite. Arched neck into good shoulders. Level topline with tail set on top. Good rear angulation; movement to settle.


1st Minor Puppy Dog

Judge Jean Wright (Abbeymead)

Stood alone but a quality exhibit, 7 months old, lovely soft coat

with a good clear wheaten colour, dark eye, small ear, correct bite,

nice neck into good shoulder and level topline, deep chest,

moved well around the ring with purpose.

Birmingham National '18

1st Minor Puppy Dog

Judge Jane Charlton (Janeyjimjams)

Lovely elegant 8 month puppy of good size straight out of

the top drawer. Pleasing coat weight of good colour. Good head

qualities, flat skull, bite, correct eye colour, combined with lovely

reach of neck, good lay of shoulder leading to a level top line,

 good set on and beautiful angulation created a very striking outline. Moved true fore and aft. Impressively handled by his young

handler making this debut remarkable.

Very strong ring presence.

A very lovely puppy and one of the stars today.

Border Union '18

1st Puppy Dog, BPIB & TPG4

Judge Ken Francis (Sawheaten)

8 month old dog, already 'all male' in his appearance. Coat has good depth of colour for age. Head strong but not coarse, dark eye and

correct scissor bite. Reach of neck led to laid back shoulders and

short coupling. Well turned stiffle. Confidently handled to get the

best out of him, moved effortlessly with reach and drive,

excellent ring presence, one to watch for the future.

Blackpool '18

1st Puppy Dog & BPIB

Judge Pat Chadwick (Whitevale)

Super Puppy, excellent colour, lovely head, good pigmentation, good  front and shoulders, good angulation both ends, showed well and moved with confidence, should have a bright future.

Bournemouth '18

1st Puppy Dog, BPIB, DCC & TPG2

Judge Graham Dowdy (Denzilly)

11th month old, lovely masculine head, dark eye & pigmentation,

correct scissor bite. Excellent length of neck & shoulder placement, deep chest. A level topline with tail set on top. Excellent rear angulation and

well muscled. Best coat of the day for colour and texture. Moved with

reach and drive, he stood out in the challenge so could not deny him

DCC & BP. Thrilled to see him take PG2, a bright future ahead.

W.K.C '18

1st Puppy Dog, BPIB, RDCC & TPG3

Judge Jill Peak

11th months old, good head proportions, clear eye, good pigment,

moderate neck, good shoulders well laid, straight legs with good bone,

good width of chest, well muscled loin, strong quarters bit proud of his

tail. Moved soundly both ways with reach and drive.

Birmingham '18

1st Puppy Dog, BPIB

Judge Brian Chadwick

Nice looking pup with good head, correct bite, good confirmation,

having a good coloured coat. Moved well.

Richmond '18

1st Puppy Dog, BPD

Judge Jeff Horswell

He has a very good head, correct width. Lovely eye and expression and

a big black nose. Lengthy neck. Quite a good front. Chest to his elbow.

Well ribbed back. Firm topline. Well made rear. Very good in front.

Driffield '18

1st Junior Dog, DCC & BOB

Judge Paul Wilkinson

A quality dog, very stylish, with a lovely outline, good head and muzzle,

well placed ears, super bite, good neck and shoulder, correct topline,

good depth of body, strong well muscled hind quarters, in lovely coat condition, moved soundly, super profile.

S.W.K.A '18

1st Junior Dog

Judge Anthony Brooks (Loofahsa)

Has a lot of ring presence, presents a square outline. Beautifully presented coat of good colour and texture. Masculine head. Moved ok.

SCWT Club of GB CH Show '18

1st Junior Dog, DCC & BIS

Judge Jo Dowdy (Denzilly)

Very eye catching & hands on assessment does not dissapoint. He simply

exudes the credentials of a future top winner. Presents an overall picture

of masculinity without being coarse. Excellent bite, strong muzzle and

defined stop. Dark hazel eyes & neat ears. Adequate length of neck and 

super shoulder placement. Firm level topline & excellent tailset. Correct spring of rib, deep chest to elbows & straight front. Good bend of stifle with well angulated rear which is evidenced by his side profile movement,

Coat soft, wave is just starting to form, for perfection I would prefer to

see a little more depth of colour, which should come with maturity, this

said his overall quality is such I could not deny him the CC and later

he secured BIS on his accurate movement & ring presence.

Midland Counties' 18

1st Junior Dog

Judge Eileen Boak (Bacanti)

Good in head and moved well both front and back due to well placed shoulders and correct angulation.



L.K.A '18

1st Junior Dog

Judge Julie Moyes

Stylish well balanced dog. Good head properties coming together to form a handsome masculine head. Elegant neck leading to well placed shoulders, good legs and feet. Firm body condition & good rear angulations. Moved so soundly, his maturity beat the lovely puppy.


Manchester' 19

1st Junior Dog & RCC

Judge Roberta Wright

A very smart youngster of 16 months and I'm not surprised to see he is already a Champion, he is so together even at this young age, excellent head and expression, good reach of neck leading into well laid shoulders, firm topline and well set on tail. His colour has good depth for age and

he moved with drive.



Crufts' 19

1st Open Dog & Best Dog CC

Judge Tom Johnston

Good length of skull, correct stop and good muzzle. Dark eye and well placed ears. Clean neck compact body and well angulated rear. Well set tail and another with good feet. presented in good wheaten coat of silky texture and moved with positive stride holding a nice picture.

Three Counties '19

1st Open Dog, CC & BOB. TG3

Judges Colin Powell/ Group Andrew Westwood

Still quite young but for me he has it all, a compact we;ll balanced dog of

great breed type, great profile and even better on the move, strong head

with good pigmentation, well developed body and rear quarters, nice angulations, good topline and tail carriage, excellent coat and colour,

moved effortlessly covering the ground with ease with drive and minimum effort, a pleasure to go over this one.

CH Celtannia Extra Chic

Welsh KC '15

1st Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed

Judge: Pat Chadwick

Only 6 months & sister to 2nd in PD. Absolutely lovely. Pretty head with excellent eye & mouth, neat ears, good neck & front, lovely shoulders, very compact in body, correct tail. Excelled in coat colour & texture. Moved like a veteran. Should have a bright future. Loved her.

Manchester '16

1st Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed

Judge: Joe Ashe

Square bitch, nice head & mouth, good shoulders into level topline. Short coupled nice spring of rib, well let down hocks, played up in the ring nearly throwing the class away but did just enough to show her quality. BP

European Dog Show Brussels '16

1st Intermediate Bitch (Excellent) and Reserve CAC/CACIB

Judge: Ramune Kazlauskaite

Driffield '16

1st Yearling Bitch

Judge: Jean Wright (Abbeymead)

Nice sized feminine bitch, pretty head with good bite, small ears, nice length of neck into a good shoulder placement, nicely angulated & moved with purpose around the ring.

SCWT Open Show North '16

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Colin Richardson

Litter sister to the 2 in Limit & similar remarks apply with a feminine emphasis. Thought she had a better head shape than her brother with parallel planes. Strong neck going into good forehand with layback of shoulder. Deep chest with correct spring of rib. Nice bend of stifle. Moved well.

Midland Counties '16

1st Post Graduate Bitch and Reserve Bitch CC

Judge: Liz Cartledge

Easy winner here, I thought, light on her feet going round, good outline & proportions, excellent coat, held topline on the move, compact body of good depth, typical head, expressive eyes, very well handled. Close decision in the challenge between her & LB winner.

SCWT Club CH Show '16

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Denise Bott (Whitevale)

20 months of age, good head,eye and small neat ears, good length of neck with well placed shoulders, straight top line, tail bang on top, moved with drive around the ring, coat of good silky texture and colour coming back.

Manchester CH Show '17

1st Post Graduate Bitch & BOS

Judge Tom Mather

Very free moving with both reach & drive. Nicely arched neck, well laid shoulders & good body. Strong well made hindquarters with some bottom behind the tail. Good textured jacket. BB;

S.C.W.T Open Show South '17

1st Limit Bitch & Reserve Best Bitch in Show

Judge Jane Lilly

Lovely head, well balanced with good topline, tail set & carriage. So well conformed all through. A great showgirl, being happy & enthusiastic, obviously loving every moment. Super mover. RBB


W.E.L.K.S CH Show '17

1st Limit Bitch

Judge Carole Barnes-Davies

Good coat with colour coming in. Well presented to give nice outline. Great head and eye. Well laid shoulders and straight front. Good reach of neck into level topline. Good angulation. Tail set well on and kept it up. Moved out well. Liked her very much.

S.K.C CH Show '17

1st Limit Bitch & RBCC

Judge Robert Ross

Showy young girl with good feminine head, bite, eye and pigment. Good neck, topline and spring of rib, short coupled with moderate rear angulation. Moved around the ring with purpose, keeping her head/neck carriage. Bitch RCC but her day will come. 

Border Union CH Show '17

1st Limit Bitch, BCC & BOB

Judge Dr Phillippa Pearson

Took my eye from the moment she entered the ring. I was hoping to find something special today and she certainly was it! So much to like, she's got a solid construction and full of wheaten character. Good head, lovely wheaten expression, good reach of neck, well sprung ribs, level topline which she kept on the move, correct tailset. A real pleasure to watch her move, she's got excellent reach and drive. Very well handled. Delighted to award her the BCC & BOB. 

Blackpool CH Show '17

1st Limit Bitch

Judge Jeff Horswell

Won this class on her coat and type. She has a very good head, liked the width and strength and of correct length. Very good eye and expression. Enough neck. Moderate front angulation. Well ribbed, short loin. Level topline. Good tailset and carriage. 

L.K.A. '17

1st Limit Bitch & RCC

Judge Gill Ford (Kanjuley)

Presents a lovely, balanced outline with attractive feminine head, strong neck into well laid shoulder and level topline. Short coupled with well set tail and plenty behind it. Well angulated at both ends producing flowing movement. Nice texture and wave to coat.

Manchester CH Show '18

1st Open Bitch & BOS

Judge John Scanlan

Very stylish bitch who looked so good stacked and on the move, beautiful head and expression, excellent front of good width and depth, arch to neck, well ribbed with compact body, firm topline with excellent tail set.


1st Open Bitch & BCC

Judge Jean Wright (Abbeymead)

Have judged this girl before and she has matured well,

good compact body, deep chest, correct colour and

texture of coat, good front and rear angulation,

moved with purpose around the ring.

Blackpool '18

1st Open Bitch, BCC & BOB

Judge Pat Chadwick (Whitevale)

For me the star of the show. Loved her as a puppy and

she has fulfilled her early promise. Best of heads,

super front and topline, excellent expression,

best of coats, both in colour and texture, moved very well. 

Driffield '18

2nd Open Bitch & RCC

Judge Paul Wilkinson

Another good quality bitch, lovely type, very good outline, clean head good planes, nice eye, good foreface and

under jaw, excellent bite, level topline, good tail set in

good coat, quality hind quarters, just a little unsettled on

the move, when settled moved soundly,

pushed winner very very close.

S.W.K.A '18

1st Open Bitch, BCC and BOB

Judge Anthony Brooks (Loofahsa)

A well balanced bitch, nice size with lovely outline, short coupled, good neck and shoulders, level topline, well set & carried tail. Mature wavy coat with good colour and sheen. Pleasing feminine head and expression. moved very well with reach and drive covering ground well. Pleased to award her the bitch CC, in the challenge she was on her toes to edge BOB. Delighted to see she was shortlisted in a strong terrier group.

Midland Counties' 18

1st Open Bitch & BCC

Judge Eileen Boak (Bacanti)

Good head, bite and pigment. Nice coloured coat with loose

curls. Well balanced and moderate in type.

L.K.A '18

1st Open Bitch and BCC

Judge Julie Moyes

She came in, she looked balanced and natural, handled quietly. Ticking all my boxes. Beautiful coat with slight curl and of excellent colour. Super head planes, expressive eyes and neat ears. Good bite. Well set neck and shoulders, good depth of chest, perfect for length of back, good rear giving propulsion to her sound movement. Loved her. CC

Manchester' 19

1st Open Bitch & BCC

Judge Roberta Wright

This 4  year old headed a lovely class of classy bitches, all were well presented and handled, but my winner just went the extra mile to clinch the top spot and then the CC. Feminine with a lovely head and expression, straight front, tight feet, good lay of shoulders leading into a level topline, tailset high and well carried both standing and on the move. She excels in her sound driving movement.

National Terrier '19

1st Open Bitch & BCC

Judge Liz Cartledge

Very nice quality and type, no exaggerations, well constructed with good neck and shoulders, most attractive head and expression, fit and well muscled, strong body, moved with a purpose, sound and stylish, good topline, well coated

Birmingham National '19

1st Open Bitch & BCC, BOB

Judge Carole Barnes-Davies

A worthy champion. Just oozes presence and is shown to advantage. Lovely head and eye. Neat ears. Well laid shoulders and straight front. Good reach of neck into level topline with well set tail. Good coat with nice clean colour and wave. Nice rear angulation. Moved out well. 

Bath '19

1st Open Bitch & CC 

Judge Stuart Plane

Headed this lovely class of quality bitches, her outline and movement kept drawing my attention, very well constructed and such good balance, well presented coat.

Southern Counties '19

1st Open Bitch & CC

Judge Shaun Watson

Very high quality female, nice shape, very well and expertly handled, moved well, nice coat, good length of head, clean skull, nice neck, correct topline and position of the tail and carriage of the tail standing and on the move, excellent temperament, nice coat texture, well presented and shown excellent type, pushed and demanded the CC which she won and well done and pushed the male for BOB

Three Counties '19

1st Open Bitch & CC

Judge Colin Powell

Outstanding breed type and quality to this bitch, she has it all, outline, condition and colour, didnt know until I wrote the CC that the dog and bitch were related, 2 stunning examples of the breed, expertly handled and moved like a dream, great coat.

Border Union '19

1st Open Bitch & CC

Judge Margret Moller-Sieber (Wheate Rebel)

What a pleasure to see this great showgirl coming into the ring!,

4 years old, very impressive bitch, excellent head, terrier expression, excellent angulation front and rear, best topline and tail set, super coat, strong colour, shows extremely well.

Windsor '19

1st Open Bitch, CC & BOB

Judge David Guy

East of England '19

1st Open Bitch & CC

Judge Denise Bott (Whitevale)




Celtannia Extra Suave

City of Birmingham '15

1st Puppy Dog

Judge: Jeff Horswell

Very promising pup, full of bounce & fun. Quite well balanced head with very good pigment. Lengthy neck. Well balanced in his angulation. Can just settle in topline. Very well muscled up. Super coat. Moved very well.

South Wales KA '15

1st Puppy Dog

Judge: Roger Crookes

 A bit raw at the moment, enough bone, a balanced head, good bite, a good length of neck into well laid shoulders, level top line, nice bend of stifle, coat of good texture, moved and showed ok when settled

Midland Counties '15

1st Puppy Dog

Judge: Frank Kane

 8 months, full measure for size & just a touch long but good topline & tailset. Good head. Movement a touch loose at the moment. Good colour.

L.K.A '15

1st Puppy Dog, Best Puppy in Breed and DCC

Judge: Bev Hanna

Lovely lad who presented a mature and balanced outlook for his age. Masculine head with strong jaw, excels in dentition. Hazel eye, strong sloping neck, running into well laid shoulders. Tail well set on. Strong hindquarters. Good hind angles and well let down hocks. Good for bone. Good coat colour and texture. Completed the picture with positive and flowing reach and drive which scooped him the DCC & BP.


1st Junior Dog and RDCC

Judge: Sandy Tanner (Kariskye)

This young man caught my eye as he entered the ring, full of confidence at just over 12 months of age. Nice in profile with everything where it should be, finished off with a masculine head. Mature coat, nice furnishings. Moved out very well to take the RCC in a strong challenge.

National Terrier '16

1st Junior Dog

Judge: Ann Bradley

Up to size with powerful head, flat skull, dark hazel eye, well placed ears, moderate length of neck, deep chest, has good set on, well angulated quarters.

Birmingham National '16

1st Junior Dog

Judge: Allan Small

Nice headed dog with flat skull, dark pigment, well set ears & good bite, pleasing front & shoulders, nice length of neck, good body, in good coat & wave, went well.

Border Union '16

1st Junior Dog

Judge: Gill Ford (Kanjuley)

Lovely young dog, good head with parallel planes and strong neck into well laid shoulder. Good topline and tailset with balanced angulation front and rear. Good bone and substance and nice textured coat. Moved well

but still a bit loose.

European Dog Show Brussels '16

1st Intermediate Dog and Reserve CAC/CACIB

Judge: Ramune Kazlaukaite

Darlington '16

1st Limit Dog

Judge: Jo Dowdy (Denzilly)

19 months so still only a youngster but has lots to like. Super masculine head with dark hazel eyes. Nicely balanced in outline and his matching front & rear angulation means he covers the ground well when settled. Coat is at the typical wheaten juvenile stage but this should improve as he matures. 

Manchester CH Show '17

1st Limit Dog & RBOS

Judge Tom Mather

Pleasing head of good length & strong jaw. Neat ears. Good pigmentation. Nicely arched, strong muscular neck, adequate depth of chest & good ribbing. Moved well with a light easy action. RBD;

S.C.W.T Open Show South '17

1st Limit Dog

Judge Jane Lilly

Full of himself & his own importance, well grown with masculine head together with excellent pigment & eye, in superb coat & condition, well balanced, where he scored, with decent shoulder and quarters, excellent tail set and carriage. A happy showman & super mover, who went with determination and soundness.


Border Union CH Show '17

1st Limit Dog

Judge Dr Phillippa Pearson

Soundly constructed with an excellent outline; good head, good reach of neck, level topline, well coupled with a good tailset. Correct coat, colour coming, just needs to finish maturing and I would just have liked to have seen a bit more of it with regards to length. Moves with drive and purpose. Well presented and handled. One to watch for the future.

Manchester '18

1st Open Dog and RBOS

Judge John Scanlan

Excellent expression, neat ear, masculine head,

good front and feet, excellent topline, excellent outline, moved true both ways.

S.W.K.A '18

2nd Open Dog & RCC

Judge Anthony Brooks (Loofahsa)



Wheaten Goblins Eros for Celtannia


1st Minor Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Dog...

Judge Margaret House (Glendowan)

Well developed musccled Irish puppy for age.

Nice head, good reach of neck, well angulated

shouldrs and rear. Level topline and tailset.

Typical coat of lovely texture, just needs time.

Moved well.



Ireland 2014


Celtic Winners St Patricks Day Champ Show

1st Puppy dog and Best Puppy....

Judge Miss J O'Conner



Irish Wheaten Club Champ Show

1st Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show...

Judge  Ms J Poulova (Ireland)



Killarney and District All Breed

Championship Show

1st Puppy dog and Reserve GREENSTAR...

Judge Ms M Walsh (Ireland)


Blackpool '16

1st Post Graduate Dog

Judge: Graham Dowdy (Denzilly)

 Irish type. Excellent head properties, dark pigmentation.

Large teeth. Presents a balanced terrier outline. Moderate

length of neck. Good layback of shoulders, depth of chest

to elbow. Excellent topline & tailset. Moved with reach & drive,

coat maturing well.

SCWT Club CH Show '16

1st Mid Limit Dog

Judge: Denise Bott (Whitevale)

Just over 3 and a lot to like about this one, big head, good eye,

big black nose and correct bite. Nice length of neck leading

into well placed shoulders, coat of correct texture and colour

with a lovely fall to the coat. Just missed out on a

higher place in the challenge.

Manchester CH Show '17

1st Post Graduate Dog

Judge Tom Mather

Quite eye catching as he is pleasing for both balance & type.

Good head planes, strong punishing jaw, well ribbed with

good topline & tailset.

Pleasing profile action & good textured jacket.

Blackpool CH Show '17

2nd Open dog & RCC

Judge Jeff Horswell

He has a super coat, nice open curls and colour is ok.

Typical head with super pigment. Lengthy neck. Moderate and

balanced in angulation. Ok for body and rib.

Rather untidy out and back but very good in profile.

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