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As well as all the usual considerations when deciding on homing a dog, ie. exercise, vet fees, the cost of a quality diet, training, boarding kennels, grooming equipment, etc, taking on a Wheaten has added responsibilities and is not for everyone. The beautiful non shedding Wheaten coat requires regular grooming, combing through at least twice a week. Nails need clipping, ears plucking and teeth cleaning. Its time consuming but very necessary. The hair grows quickly and needs trimming often, it can be expensive if using a professional groomer. Grooming a Wheaten needs to start at the earliest opportunity to get the puppy used to the lifelong experience. Investing in a grooming table and the right tools will make the task much easier for both the dog and the owner. Our Zak has an Irish coat, Zeta has the heavier English coat but both need the same regular grooming. However the Irish coat will usually take less time to groom than the heavier coat. 

There are many good websites that offer advice on the basic techniques of grooming and caring for your Wheaten. As well as offering important information on the health of our breed, the website link below also offers essential grooming advice. 






The Breed

Wheatens are lively, fun loving family dogs. They aren't a breed that like to spend too much time alone. Most have inquisitive, friendly and outgoing personalities. One thing is for sure, no breed is more loving than the typical Wheaten. Our dogs like nothing more than stretching out on the sofa, usually on top of us!. It is sometimes said that male Wheatens have more character than bitches but that is definitely not the case with ours, all have loads of character, albeit very different personalities. Some Wheatens can be wilful and need firm handling, especially when young. Good traing from the earliest age is the key to a happy life with your dog.

If you are seriously considering taking on the commitment of owning a Wheaten Terrier, then it should be done properly. Be informed, read up on the breed, visit established owners who can introduce you to their own dogs and offer advice and guidance, there is a list of regional representatives held by the SCWT Club of GB, together with everything else you need to know about our wonderful breed, the website can be found on the link below.



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